What I offer


I provide supportive and strengths-based therapy and counseling, specializing in working with:

Young Adults 

Men’s groups

Musicians and Artists

Men’s issues







The groups below are not currently being offered, but may start in the future if requested:


Men's Group- Awakening Authentic Manhood

This group offers a a supportive environment for men to dive deeper into themselves in an authentic way.  In this group we will work on the following:


~Exploring your purpose and gifts~

~Cultivating healthy and fulfilling friendships and romantic relationships~

~Being an effective and strong presence in our everyday interactions with the world~

~Contributing to our families and communities~

~Connecting with other men in an honest and supportive way~

~Deepening connection with one's inner-self and masculine archetypes, such as King, Warrior, Lover, and Sage~


A supportive group for men to dive deeper into ourselves in authentic ways.    Men are faced with multiple challenges such as finding one's purpose and gifts; aligning these gifts with career; having healthy and fulfilling relationships with women, other men, and with ourselves; and interacting with the world with effectiveness, strength and vulnerability.   This group is a place to develop tools and support to deal with these and other issues while increasing our own abilities to be supportive, connected and honest.  Break out of isolation, strengthen ability to connect with other men in meaningful and supportive ways.

This group is accepting new members.  Please call or email to set up a free 20 minute consultation.




Music as Meditation | Opening Your Voice 


Drawing from the wisdom of North Indian and Middle Eastern musical traditions of modal improvisation, we will explore music as a meditative technique, in which we slow down and slowly let music develop one note and one phrase at a time.  We will focus on the use of our voices, increasing our comfort level and enjoyment of singing, which can increase self-acceptance and inner peace, calming the mind and connection to the heart.    This will be an opportunity to learn more about music and to drop in to sacred musical space together.   

No experience necessary, and there will be plenty of openness, flexibility, and learning! These groups have helped people who are are shy about singing to sing with ease and joy.