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Eliyahu Sills, MA, LMFT, has worked with men and teenagers for many years.  He has worked as a therapist and facilitated groups in high schools, counseling centers, and in mental health agencies for teenagers and young men.   He earned his Masters degree in Counseling Psychology at The Wright Institute, in Berkeley CA.  

He is the co-founder of Young Men Coming of Age, a mentoring program for teenagers.  He has worked with teenagers and young men at Coyote Coast Youth and Family Counseling, De Anza High School, West Contra Costa County Community High School, and at the Stepping Stones Project.  He has participated in and led men’s work for over 20 years. In addition to his work as a therapist and mentor, he leads a successful career as a professional musician, and brings the sensitivity and soulfulness of an artist to his work with clients.


His work brings awareness and sensitivity to issues of cultural, racial, sexual, and ethnic diversity, as well as a breadth of knowledge of spiritual traditions and rites of passage practices.

He is experienced and comfortable working with people of all races, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Eliyahu currently leads men's groups, supporting men to uncover and embrace their gifts and purpose so that they may better serve the communities around them. 


Through his years of study of North Indian and Middle Eastern music, and African-American music, Eliyahu has developed a method of teaching music that therapeutic, supportive, and freeing.  Integrating musical study within a therapeutic context is one of the offerings in Eliyahu's practice.


Eliyahu is passionate about helping people discover and cultivate their own individual purpose.  







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